McMahon Scottish Genealogy From 1800

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Children with:
James McMahon

Charlie McMaster

Frances McMahon
Hugh McMahon
James McMahon
Ronald McMahon
Angus McKenzie McMahon
Martha Freeman Davis Blue
  • Born: 11 Sep 1900, West Scotland Street, Kinning Park, Lanark
  • Married 1954 to James McMahon
  • Died: 1982, Erskine

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    Martha Freeman Davis Blue was born at 0.30pm on the 11th of September 1900 at 135 West Scotland Street, Kinning Park, Lanark.
    Her Father was Neil Blue a shoemaker and her Mother was Frances Elizabeth Blue (Davis) was a waterproof Coat maker. They were married on the 20th December 1899 in Kinning Park at the same address where Martha was born.
    Martha worked as a dancer in the Lyceum theatre in Govan around 1920.

    Lyceum theatre 1920


     Martha went on to meet her future spouse James Mcmahon. They resided at 30 Lettock Street Govan together. They had their first child on the 11th of June 1922, Frances McMahon known as Ina present. They had gone on to have four boys, Hugh deceased, James deceased , Ronald (1934 present) and Angus McKenzie McMahon (1937- Present).
    At the age of 53 Martha’s partner James age 54 became ill and sadly died they had been together for over 33 years and brought up there children. Martha remained in Lettock Street Govan for many years after close to her friends and family who also lived in the Govan area. Below is a picture of Martha with her friends on a coach trip day out

    Later in years Martha moved to out of Govan into another area called Erskine where her daughter Frances and husband Tommy Smart now lived. Then her son Angus & wife Marion & Family also moved into the area 

    Martha with son Angus

    Martha died in 1982 and was greatly missed by her family and grand children