McMahon Scottish Genealogy From 1800

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Hugh McMahon
Annie McMahon
Rose Ann McMahon
Margaret McMahon
Bernard McMahon
John McMahon
  • Born: 28 May 1869, 94 Saltmarket, Glasgow

    John Mcmahon was born in May 28th 1869 at 94 Saltmarket Glasgow

    His Father was James Mcmahon (1838) a Quay worker & her mother was Bridget (Smith) Mcmahon (1841-1902)

    John was one of six children the eldest being as follows

    Margaret Mcmahon born around 1864

    Catherine Mcmahon born around 1867

    *John Mcmahon born May 28th 1869 at number 94 Saltmarket Glasgow

    Annie Mcmahon born May 2nd 1872 at number 94 Saltmarket Glasgow

    Bernard Mcmahon born around 1873- 874

    Hugh McMahon born on the 3rd April 1878 at Old Wynd Glasgow

    We know that at the age of 15 John was working in a ropework factory earning 5/- weekly