McMahon Scottish Genealogy From 1800

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Children with:
Martha Freeman Blue

Frances McMahon
Hugh McMahon
James McMahon
Ronald McMahon
Angus McKenzie McMahon
James McMahon
  • Born: 02 Jan 1900, 145 Trongate Street, Glasgow
  • Married 11 Nov 1918, 35 Hutcheson Street, Glasgow, to Rose Strong
  • Married 1954 to Martha Freeman Blue
  • Died: 12 Oct 1954, 30 Lettoch Street, Glasgow
  • Occupation: Engineers Labourer

    pict13.jpg [184x193] James McMahon

    James McMahon was born at 03.15am on the 2nd of October 1900 at 145 Trongate Street, Glasgow. His father was Hugh Mcmahon (1878-1941) & mother was Flora McMahon (Brash), (1879). 


    The picture below is of Glasgow Argyle Street 1914 close to the Trongate were James was born. This is the way it was when James was a boy. The streets were full of Trams and Carts & horses

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    James married Rose Ann Strong on the 11th of November 1918 at 35 Hutchenson Street, Blythswood, Glasgow;

    James was age 18 at the time of his marriage & worked as a Brass Founder, Rose Anne was age 19 and worked in a Biscuit factory.
    At the time of the marriage James was living at 3 East Vermont Street Glasgow with his parents Hugh & Flora & Rose was living  at 12 Marlow Street Glasgow with her Parents John Strong
    (Foundry Worker) who was dead at the time they married and Jane Strong (Smith). The marriage only lasted a year or so.



    1919 -1920 James met Martha Freeman Blue

    James met Martha Freeman Blue (1900-1982) between 1919 -1920 they resided at number 30 Lettock Street Govan Glasgow
    They went on to have five children as follows
     Francis Mcmahon born 11th of June 1922 known as (Ina)
     Hugh Mcmahon
     James Mcmahon
     Ronald Mcmahon 6th April 1934
     Angus McKenzie McMahon Born 28th September 1937

    At age 41 James was working as a Clyde Trust Labourer at the time of his daughters Frances Marriage  

    James died at the age of 54 on the 12th of October 1954 at 5.10 pm
    He died at home number 30 Lettock Street Glasgow with Martha by his side.

    Three days before James died he and Martha had a private Marriage ceremony at there home. Martha never remarried.

    James died of Epithelioma, a malignant tumor of the epithelial tissue, which he had suffered with for 1 year and 4 months, often caused by coal, tar and creosote exposure in Railway and Road workers. He had also suffered from Hemiplegia (damage to the left side of the brain, most commonly caused by a stroke) for 21 days. During his last 7 days the doctor recorded that James had inanition (the loss of vitality due to lack of food and water) because he had trouble swallowing.

    James died as an Engineers Labourer and is remembered as a placid man and a very loving father by his children.



    Below are some images of Govan Glasgow the area which James & Martha lived in with there children

    Govan Cross above, below we have the Govan wash house




    The Lyceum theatre & picture house


    The Lyceum was originally designed as a music hall.
    In 1899 it was opened by the Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company with a performance of 'Carmen' before an audience of 3,000 headed by Govan Provost Kirkwood and the Govan
    Town Council.
    By 1912, the Lyceum was established as one of Scotland's leading picture houses and variety theatres. It became a full time cinema in 1923, but was destroyed by fire in 1937.
    Designed by CJ McNair, the new Lyceum with 2000 seating capacity was one of the new super cinemas which became so popular in the 1930's and 1940's that led to Glasgow being known as 'Cinema City'

    Govan Police Station, Below Govan Band Stand