McMahon Scottish Genealogy From 1800

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Children with:
Mary Lynch

Byrone McMahon
James McMahon
Pat McMahon
James McMahon
  • Born: 1797, Ireland
  • Married 22 Jun 1828, Glasgow, to Mary Lynch
  • Occupation: Tailor

  • In 1855 at the age of 58, James applied for Poor Relief. He was living at 122 Saltmarket, Glasgow (back 2nd right stair 2 up with Patrick Black).
  • It was May when he applied for relief in consequence of living in ill health, the poor relief record suggests we look at Dr Johnstones report. His wife Mary Lynch (aged 48) states she is also in poor health. This poor relief record says they only have 2 sons. James aged 13 born in Pirres Sreet and Patrick aged 10 born in Tinsmith Close, Saltmarket.

    According to the Poor Relief record he had applied in March 1853. It said that he was thin and aged 53.

    On the 3 May 1853 they applied his wife said she was ill and their son James is no longer living with them. Pat is working at a Tobacconists eaning 2/9 per week.

    At 3pm 3rd August 1855 James applies again. This time the poor relief records say that he lives at 122 Saltmarket far low door on right with Pat Hughes.

    In this record James has a son Bernards who is single. Aged 20 and in the Lanarkshire Militia.

    James (the son) 15 is about the streets and follows no Lawful employment. His father has not seen him for 2 weeks.

    James (the father) was admitted to the poorhouse on the 7th May last and left on the 6th June. Neither his wife or any of his family were in with him. They are in lodgings - Mary confined to bed.