McMahon Scottish Genealogy From 1800

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Hugh McMahon
John McMahon
Rose Ann McMahon
Margaret McMahon
Bernard McMahon
Annie McMahon
  • Born: 02 May 1872, 94, Saltmarket, Glasgow

    Annie Mcmahon was born on May 2nd 1872 at 94 Saltmarket Glasgow.

    Her Father was James Mcmahon (1838) a Quay worker & her mother was Bridget (Smith) Mcmahon (1841-1902)

    Annie was one of six children the eldest being as follows

    Margaret Mcmahon born around 1864

    Catherine Mcmahon born around 1867

    John Mcmahon born May 28th 1869 at number 94 Saltmarket Glasgow

    *Annie Mcmahon born May 2nd 1872 at number 94 Saltmarket Glasgow

    Bernard Mcmahon born around 1873- 874

    Hugh McMahon born on the 3rd April 1878 at Old Wynd Glasgow

    Poor relief records1879
    Poor relief records show that Annie aged nine was living at Turnpike Bridgegate with her father James, brother Bernard, aged 5 and baby brother Hugh aged 1. Her mother at the time was in hospital with a Spinal Cord Injury. Her sister Margaret age 16 was living with an Uncle at the time and her brother John, aged 10 and Sister Roseanne, aged 13 were both living in St Mary Industrial School (Truant School)   

    1881 Census

    According to the 1881 Census Annie was residing at number 9 Old Wynd Glasgow Lanark, aged 10, occupation: Scholar.

    No further information available at present