McMahon Scottish Genealogy From 1800

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Children with:
Marion Hyland Cairns

Frances McMahon
Hugh McMahon
James McMahon
Ronald McMahon

Elizabeth McMahon
Marion Cairns McMahon
John McMahon
Shirley McMahon
Angus McKenzie McMahon
  • Born: 28 Sep 1937, Lettoch Street, Glasgow
  • Married to Marion Hyland Cairns

    Angus Mckenzie McMahon Angus McMahon









    Angus Mcmahon born on the 28th September 1937, Lettock Street, Govan, Glasgow.
    His parents were James Mcmahon & Martha Freeman Blue. Both born in Glasgow.
    Angus was the youngest of five children. The eldest being Frances, known as Ina who is now aged 85, James & Hugh who are now deceased & Ronald who is now aged 73

    Angus was brought up in Govan Moorpark housing estate or the Wine Alley, as it was commonly known. Although the scheme had a bad reputation for being rough, people were very poor & the houses were cramped, Angus still has fond memories of growing up there as a child. He told of how the people stuck together & helped each other out, the doors were always open to all the children & how they all played freely on the streets & in the back courts. His father James took ill and sadly died in 1954 when Angus was just aged 16. Angus recalls how his dad would sit by the window and watch as he played football with the other kids in the street.

    Angus McKenzie McMahon 

    On March 1962 Angus went on to marry Marion Hyland Cairn also from Glasgow, she was  his childhood sweetheart. They resided in Elder Street, Govan. There, they had their 1st child Elizabeth who was named after Marion’s Mum Elizabeth Cairns.

    On the 3rd July 1962 Angus was working on the Govan Dry Docks on a naval ship
    When a major fire broke out, squads of workmen on the vessel abandoned ship. Angus was working below the ship in a secret, isolated compartment with another workmate Jimmy Hamill of Alexander Parade Glasgow. Both were trapped as the deadly fumes & flames took over the Ship, they continuosly banged on the ship with spanners. Finally the rescue team heard a faint tapping noise from the bows near the keel of the ship. A hole was cut and Angus and Jimmy were rescued, they were both given Oxygen and taken to the Southern General Hospital, thankfully both men were fine. Angus later said in the news paper

    Angus Scottish Daily Express 1962

     “We sat in a corner watching the glow of the burner. The smoke was pretty thick. It was like being trapped in an oven. Jimmy and I kept tapping with our spanners and hoping that someone would hear us. As time passed and nobody came I became really worried. I kept thinking of my wife and my baby daughter and how slim our chances were”


    Below is a photo of Angus with his 1st child Elizabeth          

    Angus McMahon and Elizabeth McMahon

    Angus & Marion went on to have another 3 more children Elizabeth, John, Marion & Shirley. Both Marion & Angus worked many other jobs to support their family.


    Angus with his brother James

    Angus and James McMahon


    Angus with his  Mum Martha

    Angus McMahon and Martha Freeman Blue


    Angus with his 1st Grandchild Alexander

    Angus McMahon and Alexander Graham

    Angus and Marion are still together today aged 70 and are Grandparents to:  Alexander, Elizabeth, Matthew, Paige and Samantha. They are Great Grandparents to our latest arrival to the  family baby David. They now reside in Paisley, Renfrewshire.